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Shawn Stipling (UK)

Zonder titel / Untitled (2019)
34 x 31,5 cm
€. 1.050, - incl. BTW/VAT

Verzendkosten op aanvraag / shipping costs on request


Dit werk kunt u ook aanschaffen met de KunstKoop (zie onder)
Aanbetaling (10%): €. 105,00
Het resterende bedrag van €. 945,00 kunt u vervolgens voldoen in 36 renteloze maandtermijnen van €. 26,25

Dutch residents can purchase this work with the KunstKoop (see below)
Advance payment (10%): €. 105,00
The remaining amount of €. 945,00  can then be paid in 36 interest-free monthly installments of €. 26,25


Text Shawn Stipling

My work is often very sparse in its content. The elements I use are minimised until only that which is ‘active’ remains. This reduction is essential as it allows for greater control over each of these elements and, crucially, allows me to eliminate any accident in favour of ‘conscious choice’. The precision is also functional; further emphasising that even details, of sometimes only one millimetre or less, are intentional and not the result of chance. Creating a situation where the viewer is fully aware that every nuance has been considered and is not the outcome of a serendipitous act.

I choose imagery associated with human activity, rather than that which pertains to the natural environment, as I wish to communicate in a very direct and, as I see it, very ‘human’ way. I am interested in the connections we make with others through the things we create – art, music, architecture..., and how these connections can be based on the tiniest of details. I find that the knowledge of these details being created specifically and ’intentionally’ by the artist, composer, architect…, rather than by random occurrences, produces an intensely intimate connection enhanced by the unambiguous nature of the expression.


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Algeneme informatie over de KunstKoop
De kunstkoop is toepasbaar op werken met een aankoopbedrag van ten minste €. 750,00
► De kunstkoopregeling wordt afgeschaft, u kunt nog t/m 29 februari 2020 gebruik maken van de huidige regeling.


General information about the KunstKoop
The art sale is applicable to works with a purchase amount of at least €. 750.00

The KunstKoop will soon stop, you can still use the current arrangement until February 29, 2020

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U kunt echter later (of direct na acceptatie) de afbetalingsperiode zonder kosten verkorten.

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The down payment is 10% of the purchase amount.
With the calculation program in the app you can also calculate what your monthly (interest-free) repayment will be if you opt for a higher down payment. A minimum repayment term of 12 months applies to the application (and a minimum repayment amount of € 22.50 per month) However, you can shorten the installment period at no cost (or immediately after acceptance).